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Companies of all sizes trust us with their order fulfillment



Store your inventory at our secure clean warehouse. We provide a real-time inventory tracking and transparency.

Keeping it simple

No order minimum. No storage minimum. No long-term contracts, No setup fees. No hidden fees.

Pick & Pack

Streamline your fulfillment of your B2B, B2C or dropship orders. Accuracy guaranteed.

Highly customizable

We offer affordable, flexible, and scalable eCommerce shipping solutions custom-tailored to your business. Keep your entire shipping operations running like clockwork.


Take advantage of our discounted shipping rates with USPS, UPS, FedEx, & DHL for your domestic or international orders.

Value added services

We do a lot more than pick, pack, and ship. We provide a full service solutions, including but not limited to building your eCommerce website, product photography, and operations consulting.

Aung Htet

Aung Htet

Founder / CEO

I founded AGH Fulfillment in the summer of 2015 with my old laptop from college and a desk I picked up from the sidewalk. It was the beginning of the wild ride and I was determined to overcome any known and unknown challenges.

Order fulfillment or pick/pack/ship service is not a new idea but I want to provide a better and dedicated service that is tailored to the client’s needs.

Instead of “one size fits all”, we develop different operating procedures for different clients. We work with each client to streamline their operations and lower their fulfillment costs. No two clients are alike. Some of them are direct to consumers (DTC) brands. Some of them sell wholesale to other retailers. Most of them do both.

DTC brands require fast and cost-effective shipping. Our order picking system pairing with efficient warehouse layout allows us to pick/pack orders quickly and accurately. Despite fluctuation in the daily order volume, we fulfill ALL open orders within 24 hours.

I’ve worked with retailers of all sizes – from small boutiques to major chain stores. Do you need EDI? Do you need UPC? Do you use FBA? I can help you navigate complex vendor guides so you can be in compliance and avoid chargebacks.

My strong technical skills and deep understanding of eCommerce operations are critical to our clients’ success and growth. keep your entire shipping operation running like clockwork.

Let us worry about the hassle of warehousing, picking, packing, and shipping so you can focus on maximizing your sales and growing your business.

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